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We produly present the winners of Exclusive Winter Promotion
We carefully selected the winners from many reviews we received. Congratulations!

1st Place
Natasha P
“I have recently had a pleasure of testing three new skincare products provided to me for free by JKosmmune Cosmetics. Jkosmmune is a new natural skincare company that produces clean and green products that are good and safe for the entire family. They stride to use simple yet effective natural ingredients that deliver the most moisture to our skin. I was also excited to learn that Jkosmmune is a certified leaping bunny...”

2nd Place
Marjorie O

“I recently won samples of Jkosmmune enzyme powder cleanser, serum and lotion in exchange for my honest opinion. This brand is known for using natural and pure Beta-glucan in their products.
Beta glucan is getting a lot of buzz lately. I can see why. Briefly, beta glucan is a polysaccharide and derived from cellulose of plants, cereal grains, cell wall of fungi, and even bacteria. It has strong anti-oxidant properties .....”

3rd Place
Shronda S
“I've tried other enzyme powder washes in the past. I truly like this the best out of all of them. I find myself excited as I reach for this every night and feel sad at the same time that I am running out of it. I would definitely purchase this once I finish my other cleansers. This is available in their website for $26, which I feel is reasonably priced. They also sell it in individual packets which should be great for when you travel. I might save the remaining single packets that I have just for this reason.....”

4th Place
Melinda G

“I feel these products helped with my Rosacea and hope that I win as this is not in my budget at this time and if not I will purchase in the near future for sure! I used these and only these for the full seven days for my night routine. ”

5th Place
Sarah R
“After my first use of the product, I was immediately impressed by how clean my skin felt after using the cleansing powder, but the serum and lotion felt very heavy on my skin. After a few more uses I no longer had this problem. My skin felt soft, smooth, and incredibly moisturized. The lotion also has an amazing fresh scent to it. This is definitely a product I’d love to introduce to my regular routine!”


Enzyme Cleansing Powder

Trial Kit