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Kosmetic Immunity JKosmmune mBeta Glucan all natural Korean skincare and hair care

Pure mBeta Glucan Skin Care


JKosmmune’s high-grade skin care products hydrate the skin below the top layer of the epidermis, eliminating redness, irritation, wrinkles, and pigmentation.


JKosmmune wants to take care of every layer of the Skin – the 1st defense against the outside – for children and adults alike. By utilizing highly pure mBeta Glucan and the cleanest ingredients, JKosmmune is bringing its vision to life. Kosmetic Immunity brings healthy, glowing skin for everyone!


All of our products — including our haircare line, too — contain a high quality, all-natural 3rd generation mBeta Glucan that is pure and potent. It protects the complexion from harmful climate effects.


This patented method produces mBeta Glucan from mushrooms without using chemical processing, which can introduce dangerous impurities.


Our products are also free of paraben, ethanol, talc, mineral oil, silicon oil, benzophenone, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, sulfate, and color additives. The result is a series of products that are potent, safe, and adaptable to all skin types.


In addition, we never test on animals and our products are certified cruelty-free.
Kosmetic Immunity JKosmmune Beta Glucan all natural Korean skincare and hair care


mBeta Glucan is a natural, immune-boosting substance found in fungi, bacteria, lichen, algae, plants, and yeast. In 2006, scientists discovered that mBeta Glucan could penetrate the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. Thanks to its immune-boosting properties, this biopolymer became a useful adjuvant immunotherapy for cancer patients who had undergone radiation.

A decade later, the International Journal of Toxicology determined that even high concentrations of mBeta Glucan were safe for use in cosmetics. Shortly after this, Dr. Richard Kang, of JK BioPharma Solutions, brought a patented process that produced a version of mBeta Glucan that was more potent and pure than any that had come before.

Most skin-care products today use 1st generation glycerol or 2nd generation hyaluronic acid as active ingredients. JKosmmune uses 3rd generation mBeta Glucan ones. Thanks to this substance, our high quality, all-natural products penetrate the skin’s top layer for a deep, long-lasting, anti-ageing effect.

Because we can scale this mBeta Glucan on a commercial production level, our company’s products are surprisingly affordable, too. It’s no wonder, then, that almost from the moment that JKosmmune first launched its skin- and haircare lines, their popularity soared.



The circle and lines in our logo represent every letter of our company name, JKosmmune (pronounced j-cos-muune), which refers to our mission of enhanced skin immunity.

Kosmetic Immunity JKosmmune mBeta Glucan all natural Korean skincare and hair care

The “J” in our name is a nod to JKosmmune’s clinical parent company, JK BioPharma Solutions, where our improved version of mBeta Glucan was first introduced. The “KOS” stands for cosmetic and the “MMUNE” for immunity. An easy way to remember and understand JKosmmune is J-Cosmetic-Immunity. Balanced immune system can make the skin feel healthy and strong! 

As for our slogan — ‘Beyond Simple’ — it speaks for itself. Our products can transform almost any complexion into one that is clean and clear. The results are truly beyond simple.