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Boosting immunity has been one of the main interests among those who are concerned about health and well-being. β-glucan is rising as the “it” ingredient for a strong immune system in the supplements market, because it enhances your immunity to prevent common cold and even to fight against cancers. β-glucan is also an emerging super ingredient in the skincare market because it promotes skin immunity among many other benefits.


There Are Different Sources of β-Glucan

β-glucan can be derived from oats, yeasts and cereals. Depending upon the source, one can get different effects, which we will enumerate below. You will easily understand why mushroom-derived β-glucan is the best choice for your skin health, once you learn about different origins of β-glucan.


Different Sources Produce Different β-Glucan Structures (branching pattern)

Chemically, β-glucan is a sugar molecule (carbohydrate) which is a major structure making up the cell walls of yeast, fungi and some bacteria. β-glucan typically is linked together to form a linear chain with different branches. This is where the important differences are. Different types of β-glucan share the same core linear β-1,3 structure, but differ in their branching patterns:


  • Bacterial β-glucan mostly lacks branches
  • Fungal β-glucan has short β-1,6 branches
  • Yeast β-glucan is similar to fungal, but has long β-1,6 branches
  • Cereal β-glucan however is very different with β-1,4 branches


(Fig. Volman et al., 2008; Dietary modulation of immune function by β-glucans. Physiol Behav 94)







Immune Stimulating Effects – Branching Pattern Dictates Immune Effects

Variations in the branch structures can have different immune-stimulating properties.

  1. First, the length of the side-chains may impact the strength of immune stimulating effects on skin.
  2. 1,4 glucans, which are derived from cereal, are scientifically proven to have limited activity, while mushroom beta glucan activates powerful immune system responses.
  3. fungi β-glucans increase immune cells to have strong skin immunity.

For these reasons, JKosmmune uses the mushroom β-glucan that has β-1,3 configuration D-glucose with short β-1,6 branch structure in order to offer highest immune-stimulating activity to one’s skin.


Mushroom-Sourced β-glucans has strong Anti-Wrinkle Effect

Mushroom based β-glucans also have stronger anti-wrinkle effects than other β-glucans. Collagen synthesis is essential to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and mushroom β-glucan is the best option to synthesize collagen in higher quantities. JKosmmune uses β-glucan derived from schizophyllum (mushroom), which boosts up to 32% of collagen levels, while yeast β-glucan only has a 10% increase.


Purity Can Affect the Effectiveness of β-glucan

Another noteworthy effect on bioactivity is purity levels. Oat and yeast-derived β-glucans need dozens of processing steps that will involve a large quantity of enzymes and chemicals. This leads to the introduction of harmful impurities that can result in negative effects. However, mushroom β-glucan requires very few steps with high purity levels. Among mushroom β-glucans, JKosmmune β-glucan reigns as the top tier. JKosmmune β-glucan can be developed by bioreactor with advanced technology so that it doesn’t have any harmful impurities. JKosmmune is therefore able to boast purity levels above 99.99%.


Concluding Remark

For thousands of years, eastern countries have been utilizing the healing and immune-stimulating properties of mushrooms. We now know this is because of β-glucan. JKosmmune’s fungal β-glucan offers firming, brightening and soothing effects by inducing a strong immunity response in your skin.  While all β-glucan is excellent in itself; only JKosmmune β-glucan has the highest purity levels and remains the best option for skin care.

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